Street skating demands a specific type of skateboard wheels – one that offers grip, control, and durability to handle the various obstacles and surfaces encountered in urban environments. Whether you’re grinding rails, hitting gaps, or cruising the streets, the right set of wheels can significantly impact your performance and overall skating experience.

We’ve put a variety of skateboard wheels to the test, evaluating them based on grip, slide, durability, roll speed, and overall feel. Here are our top 5 picks:

1. Spitfire Formula Four Classic Skateboard Wheels

  • Why we love them: These wheels have long been a favorite among street skaters for their exceptional grip and consistent slide. The Formula Four urethane provides a smooth and predictable ride, allowing for precise control during technical maneuvers.
  • Standout features:
    • High rebound formula for speed and responsiveness
    • Wide range of sizes and durometers to suit different styles
    • Exceptional flat-spot resistance
  • Best for: All-around street skating, technical tricks, and grinding

2. Bones STF V5 Sidecut Wheels

  • Why we love them: The STF (Street Tech Formula) urethane provides a unique blend of grip and slide, making these wheels ideal for skaters who like to push the limits of technical street skating. The sidecut profile enhances slide predictability and reduces the chance of catching an edge.
  • Standout features:
    • Fast roll speed and consistent wear
    • Low-profile design for a better board feel
    • Great for both technical tricks and street cruising
  • Best for: Advanced street skaters who want maximum performance and control

3. OJ Elite EZ Edge Super Juice Wheels

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4. Ricta Clouds Wheels

  • Why we love them: The Ricta Clouds are perfect for rough street surfaces and absorbing impact, offering a smooth and forgiving ride. They’re designed to handle cracks, pebbles, and other imperfections that can make street skating a challenge.
  • Standout features:
    • Wide contact patch for stability and control
    • Soft durometer for a cushioned ride
    • Durable and resistant to flat spots
  • Best for Skaters who ride in urban environments with rough terrain

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5. Mini Logo A-Cut Hybrid Skateboard Wheels

  • Why we love them: These versatile wheels are designed for both street and park skating, offering a balance of grip, slide, and control. The A-Cut profile provides a smooth and predictable slide, while the Hybrid formula offers excellent grip and roll speed.
  • Standout features:
    • Durable and long-lasting
    • Affordable price point
    • Great all-around performance
  • Best for Skaters who want a versatile wheel that can handle a variety of terrain and skating styles

Choosing the Right Skateboard Wheels for You

Consider your skating style, preferred terrain, and personal preferences when selecting skateboard wheels. Softer wheels (78a-87a) generally offer more grip and a smoother ride, while harder wheels (88a-101a) provide more slide and speed. Experiment with different sizes and shapes to find what works best for you.

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Important Considerations:

  • Durometer: Indicates the hardness of the wheel (higher number = harder wheel)
  • Size: Larger wheels offer more speed, while smaller wheels provide better control and acceleration.
  • Shape: Consider a wider wheel for more stability or a narrower wheel for easier sliding.
  • Brand and Urethane Formula: Different brands use proprietary formulas that can affect the wheel’s performance characteristics.

With so many great options available, finding the perfect set of wheels for your street skating adventures is easier than ever. Get out there and explore!

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