Gliding down the sidewalk, feeling the wind in your hair, while maneuvering around cracks and pedestrians on a skateboard delivers an unmatched sense of freedom. But to truly enjoy the magic and exhilaration of cruising, you need the best skateboard wheels for cruising to handle rough roads and absorb vibrations. With so many cruising skateboard wheels options available from top brands, choosing the ideal set for your riding style and budget can be daunting.

This ultimate guide will help cut through the confusion to discover the highest quality best cruiser skateboard wheels and skateboard wheels for cruising. Learn which specs like size, durometer, shape, and thane formula provide the smoothest, most responsive ride for effortless cruising. Then get ready to experience pure rolling bliss on your perfectly dialed cruiser setup!

Best Skateboard Wheels For Cruising

I’ve spent many hours testing wheels to find the absolute best skateboard wheels for cruising around town. Here are my top picks for cruising skateboard wheels to give you that smooth, butter-like ride:

OJ Hot Juice Mini Cruiser Wheels

When it comes to cruising, you can’t do much better than OJ’s Hot Juice lineup. The Mini Cruiser wheels measure 60mm and feature OJ’s signature stone-ground edges for increased slide ability. The urethane formula rates 78A, providing a soft ride that absorbs vibration.

Despite the soft urethane, these wheels still hold their speed well. The graphic-less white colorway gives them a classic, clean look on any cruiser board. For one of the smoothest rides out there, you can’t go wrong with OJ Hot Juice Minis.

Powell-Peralta Snakes Cruiser Wheels

Snakes from Powell-Peralta represent an awesome intersection of affordability, quality, and performance. The 69mm size and 78A hardness give a faster roll speed while absorbing cracks and rocks with ease.

These wheels feature Powell’s proprietary Fast Slick formula, an engineered urethane blend optimized for cruising. The stone-finished edges increase grip and stability when carving or sliding.

For a versatile wheel suited to cruising, carving, pumping, and everything in between, Snakes are easily one of the best options under $30. The classic shape and finish look great on any setup as well.

Orangatang In Heat Cruiser Wheels

If you want a lively cruiser wheel that can handle some slides and tricks, check out the In Heats from Orangatang. The 55mm size and 77A durometer give a smooth ride across rough surfaces. The small core keeps them lightweight with a quick acceleration.

Despite the soft urethane, the Formula FX finish allows for controlled slides at lower speeds. You can kick out fun tailslides without icing out. For cruising runs punctuated by tricks, the In Heats are ideal. Their vibrant colors and stylish graphic design add major visual appeal too.

Sector 9 Top Shelf Slide Cruiser Wheels

As part of the Top Shelf lineup, Sector 9 designed these Slide wheels specifically for cruisers. The wide contact patch and stone-ground edges allow you to hold an easy slide at low speeds. At the same time, the 70mm size and 78A hardness soak up sidewalk cracks and vibrations.

These great all-around wheels suit mellow cruising, carving, pumping, and hanging loose slides equally well. Triple laminate urethane construction gives them the longevity to handle daily street skating abuse too. For the versatility at this affordable price, Sector 9 Slides deserve a spot in your wheel rotation.

Ricta Clouds Cruiser Wheels

If you want the ultimate cushy cruiser wheel, turn to the Ricta Clouds. The 86A hardness feels like riding on marshmallows over the roughest concrete. The soft 54mm urethane mold blows away sidewalk cracks and rocks with no vibration passed to your feet.

These wheels shine for laid-back cruising or long-distance push sessions. Despite the soft flex, they still have enough rebound to maintain momentum. The Clouds also come in a 78A hardness if you want something firmer for maneuverability.

The miniature size and distinct branding graphic give these wheels a chill, surfy vibe perfect for cruising. If all you want is a silky, smooth ride, you can’t beat the comfort of Ricta Clouds.

OJ Keyframe Mini Cruiser Wheels

OJ knocked it out of the park again with their Keyframe Minis. Like the Hot Juice lineup, the 60mm size and 78A durometer create a cushy ride that handles rough terrain with ease. The Mini shape gives them a smooth roll speed while still accelerating quickly.

The wide contact patch and beveled edges allow for controlled slides when needed. Keyframes really shine for all-around cruising versatility though. OJ’s premium urethane formulation feels great under feet, whether you’re carving streets or kickflipping off curbs. For a reliable cruiser wheel ready for anything, OJ Keyframes are a stellar choice.

Remember Hoots Cruiser Wheels

Cult Classics’ Remember Hoots offers a magical combo of slide ability and shock absorption. The 72mm size and 80A hardness give them enough slide and grip to lock into slides at moderate speeds. However, the proprietary Reflex thane also dampens vibrations, cracks, pebbles, and other street debris.

Between the smooth roll and slide precision, Hoots are ideal for stylistic cruising lines punctuated by buttery slides. They excel at downhill and freeride maneuvers, too, thanks to the Versa-Grip design. For cruisers who want lively action in their wheels, Hoots is a top-tier option.

Spitfire Chargers Cruiser Wheels

As expected from Spitfire, the Chargers deliver ultra-high performance for cruising. Available in 56mm/80A or 60mm/78A, both options provide a fast roll speed and responsive feel. The Hard Formula technology optimizes rebound while giving bump absorption too.

Chargers really shine if you want to incorporate ollies, kickflips, and ledge tricks into your cruising lines. The beveled edges allow for slide moves as well. Ultimately, Chargers are ideal for technical street skating alongside relaxed cruising. Spitfire’s quality and heritage justify the premium price too.

Powell Peralta G-Slides Cruiser Wheels

With the G-Slides, Powell Peralta aimed to create the ultimate easy-sliding cruiser wheel. The rebounds 70mm/78A formula excels at controlled slides and reverts at mellow speeds. The slide-friendly shape locks effortlessly into stand-ups, shutdowns, and pendies.

Despite the slip factor, these wheels still grip well for carving and stability at speed. The ample size rolls smoothly over imperfections too. For cruiser skaters who want wheel slide abilities beyond the norm, Powell G-Slides is a fantastic option.

Landyachtz Mini Monster Hawgs Cruiser Wheels

Coming from Landyachtz, you know the Mini Monsters will handle any kind of cruising terrain. The 70mm size treads cracks and debris without sacrificing much speed. The 76A urethane feels soft yet lively underfoot.

As part of the venerable Hawgs lineup, these wheels can also power slides when you need them. For cruising runs with the potential for freestyle tricks, Mini Monsters get the job done. They also come in a wide range of stylish, artistic colorways to match your setup.

Bones Rough Riders Cruiser Wheels

You can always count on Bones to make high-performance cruiser wheels, and the Rough Riders deliver. Available in 55mm/80A or 60mm/78A, both formulas give you a smooth roll, cushioned ride quality, and ample slide.

Rough Riders really stand out for their durability miles ahead of competitors. The wheels withstand chunked concrete, rocks, and other abrasions that quickly destroy lesser-quality urethane. For unbeatable longevity from premium wheels, Bones Rough Riders are well worth the cost.

Ricta Cloud Nines Cruiser Wheels

As an extension of the original Clouds, Ricta’s Cloud Nine lineup optimizes that cushy cruiser feel. The 69mm size and 78A durometer absorb rough terrain while maintaining rebound and speed. Beveled edges allow for smooth predrifts and shutdown slides as well.

Advantages of Using Best Skateboard Wheels For Cruising

Here are some key advantages of using the best skateboard wheels for cruising:

Smooth Ride Quality: Good cruiser wheels absorb vibrations from cracked sidewalks, rocks, and other street debris. This provides a more comfortable and controlled ride.

Speed & Momentum: Quality cruiser wheels maintain speed well and continue rolling smoothly. Lesser wheels often feel sluggish and slow you down.

Slide Ability: Many top cruiser wheels now incorporate slide-friendly shapes. This allows controlled slides and reverts to add style to your cruising.

Durability: Premium wheels withstand chunking, flatspots, and abrasions far better than cheap brands. Good wheels deliver longer lifespan and value.

Versatility: Great cruiser wheels transition seamlessly between pushing, carving, cruising, sliding, tricks, downhill, and more riding styles.

Confidence: With quality wheels you can ride harder and push faster knowing your wheels will handle whatever the streets throw at you.

Style: High-end cruiser wheels come in attractive colors and graphics that amplify the visual style of your setup.

Overall, investing in proper wheels pays dividends by enhancing the performance, comfort, and longevity of your cruiser board. Quality wheels optimized specifically for cruising deliver a superior riding experience.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Cloud Nines are ideal if you want a grippier, faster Cloud but with the same silky-smooth ride quality. If you need to commute long distances or keep up pace with friends, Cloud Nines are a smart upgrade from standard Clouds.

With so many cruising skateboard wheels options to enhance your ride, choosing the best skateboard wheels for cruising may seem daunting initially. However, by considering your riding style, desired versatility, and budget, it becomes easy to select the perfect set of best cruiser skateboard wheels to satisfy your needs. With quality wheels that fit your preferences, you’ll be carving up the streets in style in no time. So try out a few of these top-rated skateboard wheels for cruising and experience the freedom and joy of cruising like never before!


What size wheels are best for cruising?

For cruising, larger wheel sizes typically between 65-75mm are ideal. The larger diameter helps wheels roll over cracks, pebbles, sticks and other rough terrain on sidewalks. Smaller wheels under 60mm can work but will sacrifice some comfort and speed.

What hardness rating is best for cruiser wheels?

Look for durometers or hardness ratings of 75A to 80A for the optimal balance of comfort and response. Softer wheels around 70A-75A offer more vibration dampening but less stability at speed. Harder 80A-85A wheels feel more nimble but transmit more road shock.

Can longboard wheels be used for cruising?

Absolutely! Many skaters prefer longboard wheels like Orangatang Kegels for cruising since the wide size rolls over objects easily. The only downside is longboard wheels are slower to accelerate and harder to kickturn. Standard skateboard wheels have more snap and response.

What shapes help cruiser wheels slide?

Wheels with a wide contact patch, rounded lips, and stoneground edges make sliding easier at low speeds. These shapes allow you to break traction smoothly before gripping again without icing out. Look for descriptions like “easy slide” from reputable brands.

Should I rotate my cruiser wheels?

Rotating wheels helps them wear evenly for longer lifespan. After a few sessions of heavy cruising, rotate the wheels by moving the front two to the back and vice versa. Keep an eye on uneven wear and always replace wheels once they cone or flatspot significantly.