If you are searching for the best skateboard for a 6-year-old child, look no further because you are in the right place. The article will help you choose an ideal skateboard for your precious little one.

Skateboarding is a great sport for kids, and it’s a creative way to remove boredom from their daily life. Besides, it provides a fun, exciting, and challenging activity for children. A report from Skateboarders for Kids shows that skateboarding is a good way for kids to spend quality time with their friends and enjoy the outdoors.

There are plenty of skateboards available out there. However, picking the right skateboard for a 6-year-old kid became a highly difficult task because you don’t want to give your kid an unsuited board where they might end up in an accident or any other uncertain situation while riding.

Here, we’ve listed some of the best skateboards for 6-year-old children based on skateboard specs, features, safety purposes, and ease of skateboarding (most importantly). The review article focused on the best skateboard for 6-year-old beginner who has an interest in skating and want to learn skills like: how to balance and perform tricks while skating, how to roll-skate, and how to do tricks while going downhill.

Top 10 Best Skateboards For 6 Year Old in 2022 Review

The boards below are brought and tested by our experienced team. Also, customers’ true feedback and our riding experience are added for better product understanding. Waste no time check them out:

1. Beleev Complete Kids Skateboard Review

Best overall


  • Weight: 4.7 Pounds
  • Color: Green
  • Brand: BELEEV
  • Deck Size: 31 x 8 Inches
  • Deck Material: Maple
  • Wheel Size: 55 Millimeters
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane
  • Load Capacity: 220 Pounds
  • Features:
  • Double kick concave design
  • Heat transfer printing pattern
  • Seven-ply maple deck
  • Non-slippery grip tape
  • Riser pads
  • Aluminum (5”) trucks
  • 95A PU wheels
  • Steel ABEC-7 bearings

Beleev Complete Kids Skateboard is the perfect choice for 6-year-old boys and girls. It comes top on this list of the best skateboards for 6-year-olds because of its terrific performance and longevity. With seven different colors, you’re bound to find a board that suits your style, whether you prefer colorful graphics or simple ones. It is great for kids to enjoy skateboarding even more with its durability.

This board has a symmetrical double kick concave design, which is quite creative and eye-catching. Plus, it will allow your kid to perform tricks easily.

The deck (10 mm thick) is 31 inches long, 8 inches wide, and made of high-quality seven layers of maple wood. So, the board is totally safe from being scratched, broken, or damaged. The heat transfer printing on the bottom side of the deck makes the graphics really last and not peel off easily.

In addition, it’s equipped with an anti-slippery grip tape that ensures a safe and steady ride with a strong grip base to the foot. Furthermore, the solid aluminum alloy trucks got steel axles for comfortable riding.

The board is also equipped with riser pads to increase the space between the truck and deck, making the board lift up and keep the wheels further apart so your kid doesn’t experience any wheel bite. With the riser pads, the board is also easier to turn and slides smoothly.

Lastly, it got soft and flexible PU bushings, precision steel ABEC-7 bearings, and 95A PU wheels (55 mm), providing a smooth and fun ride.

The cruiser skateboard has a weight of 4.7 pounds and is compact, light, and easy to carry around. Moreover, it’s a suitable gift for your kids.

It’s designed to be used for playing, commuting, and rediscovering fun. No assembly is required as it comes complete, ready to go right out of the box and hit the streets or parks. So, buy the Beleev Complete Skateboard and let your kids enjoy skating.


  • Cute design
  • Strong grip
  • High friction
  • Great traction
  • Shock absorption


  • None

Bottom Line: The graphics, design, and overall build quality is excellent. Also, the price of this skateboard is very reasonable, and it has a long-lasting quality. The best thing about the board is that it’s really easy to ride. With a simple push of a foot, it glides smoothly and effortlessly across the ground, giving the young skaters a great ride. In my opinion, it is an awesome skateboards for kids.

2. Meketec Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard Review

Runners up


  • Weight: 3.8 Pounds
  • Color: Blue Flame
  • Brand: Meketec
  • Deck Size: 22 x 6 Inches
  • Deck Material: Polypropylene and Plastic
  • Wheel Size: 60 Millimeters
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane
  • Load Capacity: 200 Pounds
  • Features:
  • Meketec Technology
  • Plastic single kick deck
  • Aluminum V-truck (3.25″)
  • 78A PU wheels
  • ABEC-7 bearings

The Meketec Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard is a great model for 6-year-old kids. This board offers excellent performance at a reasonable price point. Plus, it’s extremely stable and solidly made. With unique single kick design technology, the board is perfect for their needs in terms of speed and style.

This mini cruiser skateboard is made up of a strong, bendable, and durable plastic deck that will not break and is also very easy to carry around. Furthermore, the 22″ x 6″ size deck helps kids balance better while skateboarding.

The sturdy aluminum-built v-shaped trucks (3.25 inches) provide extra stability and a simple turning system. In addition, the soft 78A Urethane wheels (60mm) and ABEC-7 Meketec bearings ensure a flawless, smooth ride.

There are a few downsides, the wheels are not properly aligned, and the axles are a bit small, which might be a problem for some riders. Nonetheless, this is a very good skateboard for newbies.

This plastic cruiser is CE certified and can take anywhere for skateboarding or commuting. Also, it’s an awesome birthday, holiday, or Christmas gift for a 6-year-old child.

The product comes completely assembled. Thus, get the Meketec Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard and allow your little guy to learn the basics of skating without making it too heavy or big.


  • Simple usability
  • Well-built
  • Strong casters
  • Bendable deck
  • Easy to ride board


  • Wheels turn a bit much due to an alignment issue

Bottom Line: The penny board is well-constructed, and the wheels are very durable. Also, the trucks are solid, and the bearings have a lot of resistance.

The most impressive thing about this product is the build quality. The material is solid and well put together. I think this will be the best gift to give 6-year-old kids on Christmas.

3. Magneto Kids Complete Skateboard Review

Editor’s choice


  • Specification:
  • Weight: 4.66 Pounds
  • Color: Ice Cream
  • Brand: Magneto
  • Deck Size: 27.5 x 7.75 Inches
  • Deck Material: Maple
  • Wheel Size: 52 Millimeters
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane
  • Load Capacity: 220 Pounds
  • Features:
  • Aesthetics design
  • 7-ply maple deck
  • Double kick tails and shallow concave
  • Aluminum trucks
  • 95A Urethane wheels
  • ABEC 5 bearings

If you’re looking for a top-quality, well-designed board for your kid, then the Magneto Kids Complete Skateboard is the right choice. This product is a quality build, excellent grip, and lightweight design. It’s made with kids in mind and includes multiple outstanding graphic choices.

The deck is made from top standard 7-ply hard maple wood, which is durable and highly resistant to scratches. Plus, its size is about 27.5-inch long and 7.75 inches wide, perfect for 6-year-old feet. Furthermore, the high-quality grip tape makes it easy to stay on the skateboard while skating. In addition, the durable aluminum trucks last for a long time and ensure simple turning.

The skateboard is also equipped with soft 95A PU wheels (52mm) and ABEC-5 bearings. This results in a smooth, comfortable ride experience. Lastly, it’s lightweight; it barely feels when skating. It’s an ideal present for young aspiring skateboarders.

There are some minor flaws; for instance, the wheels are a bit slow at the beginning and trucks need to be tightened/loosened.

The boxing comes with a fully assembled board. Hence, purchase the Magneto Complete Skateboard and ensure your kid’s happiness.


  • Four gorgeous graphic choices
  • Functional board
  • Good customer service
  • Smooth to ride


  • Slow wheels
  • Noisy trucks

Bottom Line: I must say it has exceeded all of my expectations. This is a very good and sturdy product for kids that are learning how to skate.

The entire skateboard is built very well. The design is also pretty cool, and kids will surely love it. This skateboard is super light and easy to carry around in the backpack or bag. It is suitable for any terrain and can use indoors or outdoors. All in all, it’s a great product for kids, and I highly recommend it.

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4. PlayWheels Kids Cruiser Skateboard Review

Best for Cruising


  • Weight: ‎1 Pound
  • Color: ‎Spider-Man
  • Brand: ‎PlayWheels
  • Deck Size: 21 x 6 Inches
  • Deck Material: Maple
  • Wheel Size: 50 Millimeters
  • Wheel Material: PVC
  • Load Capacity: 100 Pounds
  • Features:
  • 9 layer maple deck
  • Single kicktail
  • Composite trucks
  • Steel axles
  • PVC wheels
  • Nylon bearings

PlayWheels Kids Cruiser Skateboard is a cool skateboard for kids who love to cruise on the streets and jump into the air. This skateboard is created with your little one’s safety in mind and provides a unique and smooth ride. Whether your little one is new to skateboarding or just having fun learning, the board is a great way to help them skate safely and improve their skills.

The skateboard has a cool Spiderman-inspired look that makes it a perfect choice for any little skateboarder. Also, it got a single kicktail design that allows for a stable ride. With a 21-inch width, it’s perfect for cruising around the house or driveway.

The deck is made of thick, durable, and flexible laminated 9-ply maple wood. As a result, the board can take a lot of abuse. Furthermore, the composite material built trucks with steel axles provides excellent strength and great traction when riding. The polyurethane bushings on the axle are also pretty tough.

In addition, the PVC wheels that have nylon bearings offer smooth rolling and a comfortable ride. Although wheels are a bit smaller than a normal skateboard wheel, they are pretty durable and smooth. The cruiser board can easily carry a child up to 100 pounds.

So, add the PlayWheels Kids Cruiser Skateboard to your cart and ensure your 6-year-old kid have the best cruising experience.


  • Ease of controlling and braking
  • Lightweight
  • Fast riding
  • Perfect size
  • Easy to ride and carry around


  • Stiff wheels
  • Plastic trucks

Bottom Line: This skateboard is great for little ones learning to ride and for bigger kids who are ready to cruise around on their own. The deck is pretty thick, and there are nice concave shapes throughout, so it should last a while. Also, the wheels seem solid, and the trucks feel sturdy. They handle well on all surfaces. Overall, it is a great board for kids to cruiser around.

5. Caroma Retro Mini Skateboard Review

Best Mini Skateboard


  • Weight: 4.2 Pounds
  • Color: Star-Regular
  • Brand: Caroma
  • Deck Size: 22 x 6 Inches
  • Deck Material: Polypropylene
  • Wheel Size: 60 Millimeters
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane
  • Load Capacity: 220 Pounds
  • Features:
  • Non-slip deck
  • Hot transfer printing
  • Aluminum trucks (3.25 inches)
  • 85A PU wheels
  • ABEC-7 bearings

The Caroma Retro Mini Skateboard is great for any 6/7-year-old kids. It’s lightweight, sturdy, and has a nice, pretty cool design. This board is a great way to learn how to ride a skateboard and develop strength, balance, and reflexes.

The deck is made up of polypropylene material which is very bendable and durable. The deck size is about 6 inches wide and 22 inches in length. Furthermore, the trucks are solid aluminum built, which is strong, lightweight, and suitable for kids. It also has PU bushings that will provide high flexibility and shock absorption.

In addition, the 85A PU soft wheels and ABEC-7 bearing ensure superior control and a high-speed, smooth ride. The penny board is strong enough to support kids up to 220 lbs.

The only thing you might have to watch out for is that sometimes the bearings get a bit tight and will need some loosening with a skate t-tool, so make sure you check the bearings regularly before taking the skateboard to the park.

The best part is that the board comes fully assembled and an additional skate t-tool. Overall, if you want a skateboard for a kid who’s still young, then this Caroma Retro Mini Skateboard is a good choice.


  • Flexible steering
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Shock absorber
  • Additional Skate T-Tool


  • Poor wheels

Bottom Line: This skateboard is a fantastic model. It is a perfect size for little kids and is easy to ride. Kids love the design of it as it looks great. It is also very durable, lightweight, and ideal for my kids because it’s easy to transport. Overall satisfied with it, and I think it’s a great gift for little kids.

6. SKITCH Girls Mini Cruiser Skateboard Review

Best for girls


  • Weight: 4 Pounds
  • Color: Purple Galaxy
  • Brand: SKITCH
  • Deck Size: 22 x 6 Inches
  • Deck Material: Plastic
  • Wheel Size: 60 Millimeters
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane
  • Load Capacity: 200 Pounds
  • Features:
  • Surf-style carving
  • 82A SHR Wheels
  • ABEC-9 bearings

The SKITCH Girls Mini Cruiser Skateboard has been specifically designed to give the best possible riding experience. This skateboard for 6-year-old girls is designed with a smooth finish and a graphic print on its surface.

The deck of this skateboard is high quality constructed using a strong and flexible plastic material that is ideal for beginners. Furthermore, the mini skateboard is also equipped with PU bushings that offer excellent flexibility and maneuverability while riding on the road.

Moreover, this skateboard is also equipped with 82A SHR wheels and ABEC-9 bearings, which have a speed control system, ensuring that your kid gets the best ride. There is also a load capacity of 200 pounds, which is sufficient for kids of various age groups.

The only downside of this skateboard is that it’s not ideal for older skateboarders, so it’s recommended to use it with caution and be extra careful while using it.

The additional items are a skate tool, a tote bag, and a skateboard backpack for safe transport. Overall, this is an awesome board for your little girl. If you want your kid to enjoy the best skateboarding experience, then the SKITCH Girls Skateboard will surely be a perfect choice for her.


  • Speed control bearings
  • High traction
  • No abrasive grip tape
  • High-flex bushings
  • Easy to turn and maneuver


  • Not for older kids

Bottom Line: An ideal skateboard for any young girl skater. It’s fun and easy to ride on. It has a nice design, good quality, and is durable. The package includes many helpful things. This is a must-have skateboard for all girls.

7. WhiteFang Boys Mini Cruiser Skateboard Review

Best for boys


  • Weight: 3 Pounds
  • Color: Dino
  • Brand: WhiteFang
  • Deck Size: 22 x 6 Inches
  • Deck Material: Plastic and Polymer
  • Wheel Size: 59 Millimeters
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane
  • Load Capacity: 198 Pounds
  • Features:
  • 30-degree kicktail design
  • Heat transfer printing
  • Aluminum trucks (3.25″)
  • 85A PU wheels
  • ABEC-9 bearings

The WhiteFang Mini Cruiser Skateboard is an excellent skateboard for boys who are looking for a fun board to ride. This board is super fun to ride, and it has all the features your 6-year-old boy will need to have an awesome skating session. With a cool graphic design, it is made with high-quality materials to ensure that it lasts you for a long time.

The skateboard is made out of a strong polymer deck, making it sturdy and reliable. As a result, it lasts for many years. It also has a comfortable non-slip grip that prevents any slipping. This makes it easy for beginners to learn the basics and easier for them to master tricks.

This penny board is also equipped with a sturdy 356 cast aluminum truck (3.25 inch), polyurethane wheels, and ABEC 9 bearings. Furthermore, the load capacity is about 198 pounds and got a hardness of 87A. This means they will stand up to any amount of abuse and will be able to take hits and jumps without breaking or deforming.

Your little guy can easily carry this skateboard in his backpack and even take it to his friend’s house. So, if you are looking for a fun and safe skateboard for your little boy, then get the WhiteFang Mini Cruiser Skateboard for him.


  • Nice grip tape
  • Anti-slip
  • Easy for tricks
  • Five colors options


  • None

Bottom Line: The skateboard is lightweight and small but still durable. Also, the graphics are beautiful, and the decks are quite strong. I especially like the non-slip material surface. In terms of performance, riding was excellent. All in all, the tester boy was really satisfied.

8. PlayWheels Wood Cruiser kids Skateboard Review

Budget pick


  • Weight: 1 Pound
  • Color: Turtles On The Go
  • Brand: PlayWheels
  • Deck Size: 21 x 6 Inches
  • Deck Material: Maple
  • Wheel Size: 50 Millimeters
  • Wheel Material: PVC
  • Load Capacity: 100 Pounds
  • Features:
  • Nine layer maple deck
  • Single kicktail
  • Composite trucks
  • Steel axle
  • PVC-injected wheels
  • Nylon bearings

The PlayWheels Wood Cruiser Kids Skateboard is the best skateboard for kids within a low budget. This skateboard has a single kicktail design, making it easy for kids to learn how to control and balance the skateboard. It also has a sleek style of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles printing.

The nine-ply maple laminate deck is sturdy and will give your kid the confidence to learn how to skateboard safely. Furthermore, it has a composite truck and steel axle, which makes it more durable and reliable.

The cruiser board also features top-quality PVC injected wheels (50 mm) and nylon bearings that provide smooth skateboarding. It is also easy to ride and is perfect for beginners because the board is very stable and balanced.

The only drawback is that it might not be suitable for older kids because it is not made for more experienced riders. So if you’re planning to buy this for your older child, make sure he’s experienced enough to use it safely.

Thus, if you’re looking for an affordable, safe, and reliable skateboard, then the PlayWheels Wood Cruiser Kids Skateboard is the one you should buy.


  • Stable
  • Comfortable riding
  • Strong grip
  • Good value


  • Wheels do not roll well
  • Not for heavy usage

Bottom Line: A great value skateboard will surely provide your little ones with an enjoyable and safe riding experience. It will not only give him the skills to ride it confidently, but it will also help him develop coordination and balance.

9. PHOEROS Standard Skateboard Review

Most stylish


  • Weight: 3.5 Pounds
  • Color: Ink
  • Brand: PHOEROS
  • Deck Size: 31 x 8 Inches
  • Deck Material: Wood
  • Wheel Size: 53 Millimeters
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane
  • Load Capacity: 220 Pounds
  • Key Features:
  • U-shaped design
  • Hot transfer pattern
  • Seven-ply maple deck
  • Sandpaper grip tape
  • Aluminum trucks
  • PU damping
  • 95A PU wheels
  • ABEC-11 bearings

The PHOEROS Standard Skateboard comes with a durable and strong double warped design. This skateboard also has a sleek and stylish look that will definitely make a statement in any kid’s room.

It is made from strong seven layers of Canadian maple deck, which provides excellent durability for this skateboard. There is also a sandpaper grip tape that has been applied to the deck; it offers a strong grip while skating. It also helps to protect the skateboard from scratches and dents that occur while riding. Furthermore, the aluminum alloy trucks make this skateboard easier to turn. They also feature a PU damping system that keeps the wheels of the skateboard free from squeaking sound and provides a comfortable ride.

The 95A PU wheels with silence ABEC-11 Bearings ensure better performance and a smoother, quieter ride.

On the downside, wheels need to be tightened for better control.

Moreover, the packaging contains a pre-assembled skateboard. Hence, if your kid is interested in a stylish board, then he/she should definitely try the PHOEROS Standard Skateboard.


  • Wear resistance
  • Flexible Turning
  • Silence bearings
  • Shock resister
  • High toughness


  • Hard to balance

Bottom Line: The standard skateboard is a really cool and really stylish board. I like that it’s double warped, and it has multiple layers of maple deck. I think it’s a cool board for someone six years old. However, it does feel quite heavy. But all in all, a very good product.

10. High Bounce Complete Classic Skateboard Review

Best for practice


  • Weight: 3.79 Pounds
  • Color: Pink/Blue/White
  • Brand: High Bounce
  • Deck Size: 22 x 6 Inches
  • Deck Material: Plastic
  • Wheel Size: 59 Millimeters
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane
  • Load Capacity: 187 Pounds
  • Key Features:
  • Aluminum Axles
  • 78A PU Wheels
  • ABEC 7 Bearings

High Bounce Complete Classic Skateboard is a great skateboard for kids to practice their skills. The design and the overall quality of this skateboard are outstanding. Besides, the materials used in making the board are robust and long-lasting as well.

The deck is high-quality plastic built, which is strong enough to withstand 187 pounds of riders. Plus, the robust aluminum material built axles that hold the wheels solidly.

The classic board also has soft PU wheels that can conquer any surface and give a perfect riding feel. In addition, the wheels got top-class ABEC 7 bearings implemented, which ensure a smooth rolling.

There are a few cons; for instance, the wheels don’t roll straight while skating for the first time.

So, if you are looking for a board that will last a long time and helps your 6-year-old kid improve skating skills, then High Bounce Complete Classic Skateboard is a perfect choice.


  • Ease for balancing
  • Smooth gliding
  • Control balance


  • Cheap wheels

Bottom Line: Awesome skateboard. It’s a perfect balance of quality and value. The color options are also nice and vibrant. Deck, trucks, and bearings were great. Ideal for long-term practice and learning the sport. I definitely recommend this product to any young aspiring skaters.

Best Skateboard for 6-Year-Old Child – How to Choose the Right One? (A Guide For Parents)

With skateboarding becoming a popular sport for younger children, many parents are looking for a better way to teach their kids the basics of skateboarding. But before that, an ideal skateboard is completely necessary, which goes with the child’s needs. When it comes to buying a skateboard for a kid, there are some points that you need to consider before buying one. Here is a guide for picking the right skateboard for your 6-year-old child.

Skateboard type

The mini and standard boards are the best choices for a young beginner skater. This will help the child develop an awareness of his or her position while learning how to skateboard.


The most important factor to consider in a skateboard is its deck component and size.

For a 6-year-old, a skateboard deck that is both comfortable and durable is essential. Decks come in various sizes and shapes. Also, there are many different materials that decks can be made from, including plastic, fiberglass, bamboo, and maple. The material type affects the durability and cost of the deck. Here, all the listed boards, either maple or plastic deck, are high-grade quality materials.

A 6-year-old won’t be as coordinated as a ten or 12-year-old, so make sure the deck size is appropriate. If your 6-year-old child is starting out, a smaller deck is better. This allows 6-year-old kids to learn properly riding without feeling overwhelmed.


Many skateboards feature a concave design that makes it easy for riders to balance and control their board.

The standard skateboard provides a double kicktail concave design, whereas the cruiser mini skateboard is designed with a single kicktail.


Skateboard trucks are among the most important skateboard parts. They help provide the board with stability and allow the skater to move more easily across the ground. Different trucks can make a big difference in kids’ skating experience. Some truck types are better for cruising, while others are better for doing tricks. The material used to make skateboard trucks also affects their performance.

The most common type is aluminum-made trucks. These trucks have an offset design that helps them move more smoothly along the ground. They are also light, making them ease to carry.

Some people prefer using composite trucks because they are lightweight and durable. They also offer good performance and can handle a lot of abuse.


Skateboard wheels are essential for giving the rider stability when skateboarding on uneven surfaces. They also provide a better grip when skating. It is important to check the wheel’s size, material, and hardness.

Most wheels are polyurethane made and are sized between 50 to 60 millimeters. Plus, the wheel’s hardness range from about 78A to 95A.


Good bearings ensure smooth skateboarding. It also helps the rider to enjoy fast riding.

Generally, skateboards come with ABEC series bearings. These bearings use small balls that keep the wheel rolling smoothly. On the contrary, nylon bearings are present in mini boards. They are lighter than metal bearings and offer more durability, making them perfect for young skaters.

Frequently asked questions

Can a 6-year-old use a skateboard?

You bet they can. The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) permits 6 to 10 years kids to skateboard but only under adult supervision. The most important thing is that it is not about how fast you go but more about balance.

Are skateboards safe for children 6 years old?

Well, it totally depends on what you mean by safe. If you mean that they should be able to do it without getting hurt, then the answer is probably yes. But in case you’re asking if your 6-year-old should be allowed to ride down hills on them, then no. Follow these tips below for keeping your precious safe while skateboarding:

  •  Stay close to your child when skateboarding. If you are separated, stay insight and make sure your child is aware of your location.
  • Make sure all safety gear is properly fitted and in working order. This includes helmets, wrist, knee, elbow pads, and appropriate footwear.
  • Do not let him/her go too fast or try dangerous stunts. Stay alert for obstacles in your path and watch out for other people on the boardwalk or street.
  • Skate at a slow pace so your kid can easily stop if needed.

How do I teach my 6-year-old to skateboard?

At first, have your 6-year-old practice walking on the board first. This will get your child used to be on the board. Next, have him/her practice standing up with both feet on the board. Once he/she can stand for a while, then put one foot on the skateboard and after that the other. Practice this every day until your child is comfortable standing on the board without holding onto anything.

What is the best skateboard for a 6 year old?

The best skateboard for a 6 year old are:

  1. Beleev Complete Kids Skateboard
  2. Meketec Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard
  3. Magneto Kids Complete Skateboard
  4. PlayWheels Kids Cruiser Skateboard
  5. Caroma Retro Mini Skateboard
  6. SKITCH Girls Skateboard
  7. WhiteFang Boys Skateboard
  8. PlayWheels Wood Cruiser kids Skateboard
  9. PHOEROS Standard Skateboard
  10. High Bounce Complete Classic Skateboard

What size of skateboard is best for 6-year-old?

When it comes to skateboarding, every inch of space counts, that’s why it’s important to choose the right size skateboard deck for your 6-year-old.

The most common size for a skateboard deck is 7 inches wide by 31 inches long. However, there are also smaller and larger decks available. If your child is very tall or has large feet, they may need a larger deck. Likewise, if your child is shorter or has smaller feet, they may need a smaller deck. Try to get a board that has a width in a range of 6 inches to 8 inches and a length between 21 inches to 32 inches.

Final thoughts

For a few decades, skateboarding has been around. However, it is still very popular among kids. Besides, it’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors, where kids can participate in a fun activity and make friends. More and more kids are taking skating lessons and learning new tricks.

Here, all the reviewed skateboards for 6-year-old are best from their perspective categories. But if you want the best product for your kid, look into the Beleev Complete Kids Skateboard or Meketec Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard. These are reliable, high-performance, and cost-effective models. Also, the Magneto Kids Complete Skateboard is difficult not to look at.

So, which one do you think is the best skateboard for a 6-year-old? Feel free to leave a comment below.