A skateboard left outside can easily get covered in mud and other debris, so make sure that you’re taking the proper precautions to prevent this from happening. In this article, we are going to be demonstrating how you can hang a skateboard with wheels without having to cut any holes!

What’s the Problem?

Hanging a skateboard with wheels can be a difficult task for some. There are many different ways to do it, but the most common method is to use a bolt and washer system. This system consists of two bolts that go through the deck and into the holes on the wheels. Then, you put a washer on each bolt and tighten them up. You can also use a screw system, but this is less common.

How To Hang A Skateboard With Wheels

If you’re looking to hang a skateboard with wheels, there are a few things you’ll need to do first. First, make sure your board is stable on the ground. If it’s not, you may need to adjust the screws that attach the wheels to the board. Once your board is stable, mark the blade of an X on one end of the board and the nose of an O on the other end. Then use a drill bit slightly smaller than the screws that hold the wheels in place and screw them into the X and O marks, making sure they’re tight. Finally, use a saw to cut off both ends of the board so it’s perfectly square.

How To Hanging Your Own Boards

When it comes to hanging a skateboard, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. The first is the size of your board. Most skateboards come in either a 7-inch or an 8-inch width. If you have a smaller board, you will need to purchase a mounting system that is specifically designed for small boards.

The next thing that you need to think about is the type of mounting system that you will be using. There are two main types of mounting systems: adhesives and straps. Adhesives are the most popular type of mounting system because they are easy to use and they allow you to customize your board’s height and width. Straps, on the other hand, are more rigid and they require more effort to adjust, but they offer greater stability and durability.

The final thing that you need to consider when hanging your board is where you will be hanging it. You can hang your board on the wall or on a beam. Hanging your board on the wall requires less installation time and it is also easier to move around if necessary. Hanging your board on a beam, on the other hand, offers greater stability and it’s perfect for use in areas that are difficult to access, such as understairs or inside cupboards


Hanging a skateboard with wheels can be tricky, but with the right tools and techniques, it can be easy. Follow these tips to hang your skateboard safely and securely:

  • Use an adjustable wrench to tighten the bolts that hold the board in place. Make sure they are tight enough so that the skateboard doesn’t move, but not so tight that you damage the wood.
  • Place bricks or weight objects underneath each bolt to help stabilize the board while you’re tightening it.
  • If there is space between the wall and your board, use a hammer and screws to attach a bracket to hold up the board while you hang it.