Skateboard risers are an essential accessory for many skaters, offering increased clearance, shock absorption, and a unique feel. However, brand-new risers can add up in cost. Buying used risers is an excellent way to save money, reduce waste, and perhaps even discover some vintage gems. If you’re considering the second-hand market, here’s what to look for:

Understanding Skateboard Risers

Before diving into the used market, let’s quickly recap what skateboard risers are and why they’re important:

  • Function: Risers are small, rectangular blocks placed between your skateboard deck and trucks. They lift your board slightly, preventing wheel bite (when your wheels rub against the deck during turns). Risers can also absorb some impact, making your ride smoother.
  • Materials: Risers are typically made of plastic, rubber, or urethane. Each material has different properties, influencing hardness, shock absorption, and overall feel.
  • Sizes: Risers come in various sizes, usually measured in millimeters. The height you choose depends on your wheel size, skating style, and personal preference.

Why Buy Used Skateboard Risers?

  • Cost Savings: The most obvious benefit is the price. Used risers are often significantly cheaper than new ones.
  • Sustainability: Buying used helps reduce waste and lessens the demand for new products.
  • Unique Finds: You might stumble upon vintage risers or discontinued designs you wouldn’t find in stores.

Evaluating Used Risers: What to Look For

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When shopping for used risers, consider the following factors:

Material and Condition:

  1. Plastic: Check for cracks, chips, or significant wear. Minor scuffs are normal, but deep gouges can compromise the riser’s integrity.
  2. Rubber: Look for signs of dry rot (crumbling or cracking rubber). Test the flexibility – it should bend easily without feeling brittle.
  3. Urethane: Inspect for any tears or chunks missing. Urethane can harden over time, so test its pliability.


  1. If the risers come with mounting hardware (screws), ensure they’re not stripped or rusted. You might need to replace them.


  1. Check the height of the risers. Are they suitable for your wheel size and skating style? Remember, taller risers generally offer more clearance but can change the board’s feel.

Brand and Authenticity:

  1. If you’re looking for a specific brand, be cautious of counterfeits. Check for logos, markings, or any signs of inauthenticity.

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Where to Buy Used Skateboard Risers

  • Local Skate Shops: Many skate shops have used sections or trade-in programs.
  • Online Marketplaces: Platforms like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or Craigslist often have listings for used risers.
  • Skate Forums and Groups: Online communities dedicated to skateboarding can be great resources for buying and selling used gear.

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Tips for Buying Used

  • Ask Questions: Don’t hesitate to ask the seller about the risers’ history, condition, and any potential issues.
  • Inspect Photos: Carefully examine photos for any signs of wear or damage.
  • Meet in Person: If possible, meet the seller in person to inspect the risers before buying.


Buying used skateboard risers can be a fantastic way to save money, reduce waste, and potentially discover unique finds. By knowing what to look for and where to shop, you can confidently add quality risers to your setup without breaking the bank. Happy skating!

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