Let’s face it, skateboarding shoes don’t last that long. I’ve ripped holes in nearly every single pair I’ve owned. There are several different ways you can extend the longevity of skate shoes.

You can make your skate shoes last longer by doing the following: 

1)Glue the seams of your shoe, around the toe cup. 

2)Get yourself some Shoe Goo for major rips and tears 

3)Buy an extra pair of shoes 

4)Review different types of shoes from other skaters 

5)Prevent using your feet from stopping (especially heels)

Spending $40-$80 on shoes that fall apart in a week isn’t fun. You might not be able to afford something like that so often. So, in this article, I’ll share preventative measures to have your skate shoes last longer than you could have possibly imagined.

Common Areas Of Rips And Tears

Early prevention is key, and you can do this even with a fresh new pair of shoes. There are parts of the shoe that are weaker than others. Areas to watch out for are:

  • Toe Box
  • Shoelace area
  • Soles (Bottom of shoes)
  • Padding around heels
  • heel area (lots of heelflips or stopping)

In some instances, you’ll notice skaters with the same shoes with different areas affected. Again, this depends on how you ride your board, and the tricks causing this to happen. I’ve seen vans with people’s toes falling out, whereas my soles fall apart first.

Best Alternatives For Repair

For New Shoes

Super glue works to prevent premature rips and tears that occur frequently. Applying a thin layer on the seams of the toe caps, and areas that are frequently exposed including the stitching. This acts as a temporary barrier, preventing premature wear and tear. After you purchase your new shoes this would be a good time for an application.

Shoe Goo has worked well for many skaters. I have found it very effective in sealing blowouts in the side of the toe box. It’s an adhesive for repairing worn soles, and a filler for gashes in the fabric. After applying, it’s recommended to wait 24-48 hours to fully dry. While applying the glue, an ice cube is recommended to prevent goo dripping, which causes a mess!

Trick tape is another product that’s made to help cover wear and tear before it becomes a nuisance. This will help you avoid any messy goo from dripping, and it’s a faster alternative.

Repairing Shoe Laces

Burning through shoelaces can be extremely annoying. It’s common to have your shoelaces rip and tear rather quickly. Gluing or taping your laces back together isn’t effective. You’re better off spending a couple of dollars on a stronger pair. You can replace them from the inside of your shoes if they have that option. Also, to keep laces from becoming undone you can try this method.

Avoid Disasters

Stay away from things like hot glue and duct tape as it usually doesn’t seal properly and falls apart instantaneously. Even the thought of sewing your shoe back together maybe? That’s something I’ve never tried…but that’s too much work lol!

This will give you a general understanding of applications that can be used for repair. These items will last you quite some time and will occur in sticky situations.

Board Feel Vs. Durability

There are several factors to consider when deciding what shoe will satisfy your needs. How often do you skate? Do you prefer something just to cruise with or something you’ll be shredding the park 6 hours a day with?

Skateboarding shoes are crafted with different materials that last longer than others. Not only that, they provide better structure and feel. If you’re a serious skater, you’ll want the best of both worlds.

What Materials To Look For

Suede and leather shoes are generally more durable, lasting longer than that of a shoe designed with canvas. I’d suggest purchasing a shoe that’s made with suede. They provide exceptional board feel which is what you want.

Canvas rips and tears much quicker, but provides exceptional breathability for hot summer days. The material is generally lighter which provides a decent board feel. Consider buying these shoes more for cruising, or casual wear. Vans is a popular company that designs shoes made with canvas. I could say this a million times…everything is based on personal preference. Go out and try new brands, styles, and sizes of shoes. From experience, I’d say even the best reviews out there I wasn’t a fan of, which can be rather disappointing. For example, I liked the look of the Busenitz by Adidas. These are some of the hottest on the market today. After trying them on, they simply didn’t conform to my foot well. I found them to be rather stiff, not providing the proper support I’m used to.

Have A Backup Pair Ready!

I highly suggest having another pair of shoes. One strictly for skating, another for casual wear. Growing up, I’d be wearing my skate shoes daily, something I highly discourage doing.

Even normal wear outside of skating will decrease longevity. The bottoms will wear out faster than anticipated. Looking good is essential (especially around the ladies!) If your feet are dangling out like a fool…you need another pair of shoes!

Keep An Open Mind

There was a time when I’d wear nothing BUT skate shoes. You’re a skater, you want to represent yourself as one, nothing wrong with that! However, skate shoes provide limited support and comfort. After years of wearing them, I needed something better for my feet.

A shoe that’s lighter, flexible, long-lasting, and provides more support. Casually wearing running shoes has made a major difference for me. This is a personal preference, don’t be afraid to try it out yourself.

Find Reviews Before You Buy

By doing your research, you will be able to find which shoes last longer than others. Remember, even the most durable skate shoes may not be the best option for you. Keep in mind some shoes provide a better board feel,  offering a more basic design.

Best Resources

Aimlessly watching review after review can be overwhelming. So many shoes that provide different levels of comfort and styling. Having a go-to resource with the best ones would make life easier.

Be aware of where you’re getting your information. Some websites don’t provide expert-level knowledge, just spewing out random products out there with no actual attention to product detail.

What Are The Longest Lasting Skate Shoes?

Over the years, companies have put out some of the most durable shoes in the industry. Some aren’t even being produced or are limited edition models. One of the most iconic skate shoes ever developed for durability was the DC Lynx. Designed and marketed as “the most durable skate shoe” and they were.

Fortunately, they’re coming out next year with another edition that looks sick. When opportunities like this come around, save your money and get them! I’m willing to drop part of my paycheck as it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I’m sure you know the “I gotta have it” feeling…well this is something to look forward to.

Keep in mind that the best skate shoes are the ones you would consider buying again. Some skaters prefer one brand or style of shoe, even buy multiple pairs in all the colors like I used to! Don’t kid yourself, we all have a secret obsession with shoes in one way or the other. Right!?

Final Thoughts…

Don’t let a pair of shoes that fall apart discourage you. This is skateboarding, and you’ll blow through dozens of pairs. As you get older, your life tends to get a little crazy, and skating every day isn’t realistic. A simple pair of skate shoes that lasted you 2 weeks, will now be around a much longer.