To hang skateboard decks, mount wall brackets or display mounts at stud locations, then secure the deck using the mounting hardware. Align the brackets properly to ensure the skateboard is level and stable.

Skateboard decks are not just for riding; they’re popular decorative elements for enthusiasts wanting to add a touch of personal flair to their spaces. With dynamic graphics and sleek shapes, a well-placed skateboard deck can turn a bland wall into a statement of style.

Hanging your deck requires precision and attention to detail, ensuring it’s both eye-catching and securely fastened. From selecting the right spot on the wall to choosing the appropriate hardware, the process is straightforward but demands a step-by-step approach. This guide ensures your skateboard decks will be displayed prominently and safely, reflecting your love for the sport and adding an edgy design element to your interior decor. Whether you’re showcasing a vintage collection or your favorite rider’s signature model, the perfect wall mount can enrich your room’s atmosphere.

Hanging Skateboard Decks: An Overview

Skateboard decks are not just functional pieces for skaters; they’re also a form of expression and art. As the culture of skateboarding continues to thrive, enthusiasts seek creative ways to showcase their decks. Displaying skateboard decks on walls has become a popular trend, transforming ordinary spaces into dynamic galleries of street art. This overview provides insights into the why and how of hanging skateboard decks, elevating living spaces, and celebrating the spirit of skateboarding.

Importance Of Displaying Skateboard Decks

Displaying skateboard decks can infuse personality into any room, serving as a testament to one’s passion for the sport. Not only do they capture attention, but they also act as conversation starters and unique wall art. Hanging decks properly ensures they are protected from damage while allowing enthusiasts to rotate their displays with ease, keeping the environment fresh and vibrant.

Popularity And Aesthetic Appeal

  • Visual Impact: Skateboard decks often feature compelling graphics and designs that add a vibrant touch to any decor.
  • Cultural Connection: Each deck tells a story, weaving the cultural tapestry of skateboarding history into the visual space.
  • Personalization: Hanging decks allow individuals to personalize their space with artwork that represents their identity and interests.

Mounting skateboard decks has risen in popularity, spurring a wave of innovative mounting solutions and displays. From sleek invisible mounts to DIY brackets, the options cater to various décor preferences and complexity levels. Each piece enhances the aesthetic appeal of a room, turning it into a gallery-like space that reflects the dynamic and creative essence of skateboarding culture.

How to Hang Skateboard Decks: Simple & Stylish Tips


Choosing The Right Location

Choosing the right location for your skateboard decks goes beyond just finding an empty spot on the wall. It’s about creating a visual impact, ensuring the safety of your decks, and considering the overall aesthetics of the room. Your prized skateboard decks deserve a prominent spot where they can be admired and even serve as a key element of your home decor. Think carefully about the wall space you have available, the lighting conditions, and how the decks will fit into your current interior design scheme. The objective is to integrate your passion for skateboarding into your living space harmoniously and artistically.

Utilizing Wall Space Efficiently

Efficiency in utilizing wall space is paramount, especially in smaller rooms or if you’re looking to create a focal point. Here are some tips to make the most of your available space:

  • Measure your wall space and the decks to arrange them without overcrowding.
  • Experiment with different layouts on the floor before making any holes in the wall.
  • Use vertical space to your advantage, especially in rooms with limited horizontal wall space.
  • Consider the furniture and other decor elements that will share the space to avoid a cluttered look.

Considerations For Displaying Multiple Decks

When showcasing multiple skateboard decks, cohesiveness is key. Keep these considerations in mind:

  1. Consistency in mounting hardware and spacing between boards creates a unified look.
  2. Thematic arrangement often works well, whether it’s by brand, color, or design.
  3. Balance the display visually by arranging heavier-looking decks towards the center or bottom.
  4. Accessibility for cleaning and maintenance should not be overlooked.

Minimalist Mounting Options

Embracing a minimalist approach when hanging skateboard decks not only celebrates the deck’s design but also ensures that all eyes stay on the art itself. Minimalist mounting options offer clean lines and an almost seamless integration with the wall. This approach beautifies your space and turns your skateboard deck into a statement piece. Whether you’re a skateboard enthusiast or an art lover seeking a modern display, minimalist mountings provide elegance and simplicity.

Invisible Deck Hangers

Invisible deck hangers are the epitome of minimalist design. They create a floating effect, making the skateboard appear as though it’s magically clinging to the wall. This technique is not only aesthetically pleasing but is incredibly easy to install. Simple mounting hardware is affixed to the wall, and the deck is mounted in such a way that these fixtures are completely hidden from view. Here’s how to achieve a clean and modern look:

  • Select the appropriate hardware: Opt for a mounting kit specifically designed for skateboards to ensure a secure fit.
  • Mark your wall: Decide on the specific spot and height, and make sure to level your marks for a perfectly straight display.
  • Install with ease: Follow the instructions provided with your hanger kit, which usually involves mounting a bracket to the wall and then attaching the deck.

Suspended Wire Display

A suspended wire display adds an artistic touch to your skateboard mounting. This sophisticated option uses steel cables or wires that lend a sleek, industrial look, allowing the deck to dangle gracefully. The hardware is minimal, often just a few anchor points in the ceiling or wall and clamps on the deck. Here’s a quick guide to achieve this hanging method:

  1. Choose a wire hanging system: Find a system that can safely support the weight of your skateboard.
  2. Measure: Determine the drop length from the ceiling to where the skateboard will hover and mark the spots where the anchors will go.
  3. Install anchors: Securely fix the anchors into the ceiling, ensuring they are aligned and level.
  4. Attach your deck: Use clamps to grip the sides of the skateboard and connect the wire. Adjust the height as needed.

With either invisible deck hangers or a suspended wire display, your skateboard decks transform into floating artworks, providing a clean, unobstructed view that any minimalist will appreciate.

Diy Decorative Displays

Skateboard decks aren’t just for cruising the streets; they’re also a vibrant art form that can bring personality and edginess to your home decor. Creating a DIY decorative display with skateboard decks is a great way to showcase your passion while adding a pop of color and texture to your walls. Here’s how you can turn those cool decks into striking wall art with a few creative touches.

Customize With String Lights

Illuminate your skateboard decks to create a captivating visual display that shines day and night. Follow these steps:

  • Position your skateboard deck against the wall and mark where you want it to hang.
  • Mount the deck using brackets or a skateboard mount kit.
  • Wrap string lights around the deck, weaving between the wheels or around the board for decks that are displayed without trucks.
  • Secure the string lights with small clips or adhesive hooks to keep the design neat.
  • Plug in the lights and enjoy the warm, ambient glow that highlights your skateboard’s design.

This approach not only brightens up the room but also turns your skateboard into a functional piece of art.

Incorporating Floating Shelves

Floating shelves provide a sleek, modern stage to display your skateboard decks. They enhance the visual appeal while keeping the focus on the decks. Execute this display method with ease:

  1. Select the right size of floating shelves that fit the length of your skateboard decks.
  2. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, install the shelves on your desired wall.
  3. Position your skateboards on the shelves, either by standing them up or mounting them at an angle for a dynamic look.

This installation allows you to switch out decks and change your display as often as you’d like, offering flexibility in your decor.

With these DIY decorative displays, your home will radiate an unmistakable vibe of creativity and originality. Transform your living space into a gallery of skate culture that wows visitors and expresses your unique style.

Maintenance And Safety Considerations

After mastering the art of hanging skateboard decks on your wall, attention must shift to the ongoing maintenance and safety of your display. A stylish and eye-catching skateboard arrangement is one thing, but ensuring that your decks remain securely fastened over time is crucial. Regular checks and a few smart practices can help prevent accidents and damage, not only to your skateboard decks but also to your walls and surroundings. Let’s dive into how to keep your skateboard decks secure and in dazzling form.

Inspecting Wall Anchors Regularly

Anchors are the linchpin of your deck’s stability. Over time, wall anchors can loosen, especially in walls that endure vibrations or changing humidity levels. Keep ahead of potential risks by:

  • Examining each anchor point for signs of wear or damage. Look for cracks in the wall or any undue movement.
  • Ensuring that the screws or nails remain firmly in place, without any wobbling or bending.
  • Tightening any loose elements using appropriate tools.

Incorporate these checks into a routine schedule, perhaps every few months, to ensure ongoing safety and stability.

Ensuring Stability And Security

Every skateboard deck should feel as if it’s a permanent fixture on your wall, without the slightest hint of instability. Achieve this by:

  • Use high-quality mounting hardware that is designed to accommodate the weight of your deck.
  • Verifying that the deck is perfectly level post-installation.
  • Testing the stability by applying gentle pressure to the deck to ensure it doesn’t move.

Secure mounting ensures your skateboard decks remain a visual treat and not a safety hazard. Moreover, a solid mount maintains the integrity of both your walls and decks for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Hang Skateboard Decks

What Tools Are Needed To Hang Skateboard Decks?

To hang skateboard decks, you’ll need wall mounts or brackets, a drill, a screwdriver, drywall anchors if necessary, and a level. These tools ensure a secure and straight placement on your wall.

Can Skateboard Decks Damage Walls?

Skateboard decks, when not mounted properly, can scratch or dent walls. Use protective pads behind the decks and secure anchors to prevent any damage.

How To Choose The Right Spot For Displaying Skateboards?

Select a location with good visibility, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Ensure the wall can handle the weight and consider the room’s aesthetic when deciding the best spot for your skateboard decks.

What Is The Best Way To Align Multiple Skateboard Decks?

Use a level to align multiple decks and measure equal distances between them for a symmetrical display. Consider alternating the angles for a dynamic arrangement.


Transform your living space into a visual ode to skate culture with ease. Hanging skateboard decks is a simple yet impactful way to display your passion. Remember, the right tools and measurements promise a stunning wall arrangement. Embrace your creative flair and let those decks make a statement.

Happy decorating!